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    When searching for tax relief assistance it is important to choose a firm that you can trust and that has the necessary experience to deal with the IRS and other taxing entities competently, efficiently, and professionally. If you have tax problems, time is of the essence in every case in order to avoid aggressive collection efforts by the taxing entities. Do not wait for the IRS or other taxing entities to come knocking on your door, and if they’re knocking do not open that door without competent representation.

    When you call the Villegas CPA Firm, you will be treated courteously, and with the respect that you deserve. We will work tirelessly to resolve your tax problems so that you can get back to enjoying your life.

    IRS Tax Problem Solutions

    Common El Paso, TX IRS Tax Problems

    Unpaid Taxes

    Unfiled Tax Returns

    Bank Levy

    IRS Wage Garnishments

    State Tax Problems

    Payroll Tax Liability

    Tax Audit

    IRS Tax Liens

    Penalties & Interest

    Unpaid Property Taxes


    Prompt and attentive… the whole staff is patient with my decisions.

    Deborah M. Esparza

    Great service, very honest straight forward advice.

    Ruben Ortega | Manager

    Mr. Villegas handled financial matters for me over the last two years and saved me $$$,$$$.00. He has integrity, empathy and is a highly skilled professional.

    Ronald K. Hennes | R.N.

    Mr. Villegas has a gift… His clients and their wellbeing are his priority. You can feel his passion for your cause. He truly can stop the tsunami of legal issues in full force and part a hole to safely land his clients in a place to recover. I have seen it. I sincerely recommend him to help those in severe legal dilemmas. You will be served well.

    Dr. Alex Jimenez | Chiropractor

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