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Local El Paso, TX Tax Accountant Near Me

At Villegas CPA Firm El Paso, TX, we're committed to supplying quality income tax planning services with a focus on personal support. You can rely on us for income tax services performed by real people that care about saving you money. Our staff may identify valuable credits and deductions which will help you hold on to more of your money. From tax returns for people to tax preparation for small and midsized businesses, Villegas CPA Firm has the knowledge. We are constantly refining our skills and remaining informed of adjustments in the tax laws. We make it our goal to keep...

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Grounds to Contest a Will

Many people assume that they have a right to inherit from their parents and other relatives. They are frequently surprised to learn that they do not. With the exclusion of a partner, you don't have any lawful right to inherit property when a relative expires if it is a parent. You'll encounter under legislation to be clear, in case your parent dies without a will. But, intestacy laws don't apply if there is a will that is valid. So, let's say your parent(s) have disinherited you. Should you file a will contest? Grounds to Contest a Will The very first thing you...

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